Trident Stock Research

Trident Stock Research is an independent* equities research company, which provides a subscription based stock reporting service under the Trident Group Banner. The Trident Group companies include Trident Confidential, Trident Investment Management, Trident Press and now Trident Stock Research.

* Independent means we do all of our own research. We are not paid to promote stocks and we receive no commissions on stock recommendations. We search for stocks using our own Trident Investment Selection System. This proprietary method enables us to find undervalued but sound companies, which other stock searches may miss. We believe in a contrarian approach, as this means subscribers have an opportunity to be involved in stocks contrary to what "the crowd" may be investing in, which represents a good opportunity.

A subscription includes:

- A monthly report containing the Research Profiles of Two Stocks: One Australian and One Global every month plus other valuable and exclusive benefits:

- Access to online services such as a stock database of all historical stocks mentioned.

- The ability to search through the stock profile database to find stocks for your portfolio that suit a certain criteria - i.e. Industry, risk profile, exchange, valuation.

- Access to discounted brokerage fees, personalised service and online trading platforms through our preferred broker.

- Plus if you open a trading account with them you will receive a Free year's subscription to the Australian Financial Review Weekend Edition.

This service is being offered to Subscribers of Trident Confidential - free as part of that subscription. Click on the Subscribe Today button for access to Trident Confidential. If you sign up to that service, you will receive this as an added bonus.